• Location Gangnam, Seoul
  • Role Art Direction, Space Identity, Brand Identity
  • Status Completion, 2019.09
  • Program cafe and dessert
  • Creative Director Park Kee Min, Jung Jin Ho
  • SI Design Team Kang Ji Yeon,
    Kim Jun Yeong
  • BI Design Team Cho Eun Mi
  • Photographer Choi Yong Joon

Kang Ji Yeon

BXSI Manager

I hope that SOOSOO COFFEE will be able to capture coffee and people's attitudes and thoughts in space and represent them. Maybe that's why, after SOOSOO COFFEE, the best thing to hear is "It looks like SOOSOO COFFEE itself."
수수커피가 커피와 사람을 대하는 태도와 생각을 공간에 온전히 잘 담아내어 그 모습을 대변하는 공간이 되길 바랬다. 그래서일까, 수수커피를 하고나서 가장 듣기 좋았던 말은 "수수커피 답다. 수수커피 스럽다." 였다.